At JMG Orthodontics, we are family practice and very proud of that fact. Everyone that works with us was a patient, a patient’s parent or a friend of the family. For example, Dr. Griffies’ wife, Janice, oversees the administration of both offices. Debbie worked with Dr. Griffies while he was active duty at Ft. Bragg and she followed him into private practice. Then there is Bill, our lab tech. Dr. Griffies treated all three of his sons, then he came to work for us, followed by his son, and former patient, Alex, followed then by his wife, Deb both have all been part of the team. Madaline’s son, Gunnar was a patient before she joined us. Kylle was a patient before he came aboard. Of course, Kylle’s mom, Lisa, and father Al work with us as well. Megan joined the team after her daughter Lilea was a patient. And most recently Elisabeth joined the team. We bring on team members that have great personalities and great hearts. Of course, our team is highly trained and efficient, but really, best of all is that they are a blast. We enjoy being a little on the wacky side and hope that you will want to join us (only if you’re a little wacky yourself). Please get acquainted with our most fabulous team!

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