Let’s have some fun

Monday April 7th, 2020. Hope all are doing well, staying home and plenty of social distancing to stop this virus. One thing I would like to share with everyone is a memory technique to help you with your learning now and in the future. The philosophy and methods come from Jim Kwik, a memory master. Please check him out on You tube when you get a chance. Some have already joined in as we have gone through your treatment and now are master memory experts. So lets get started with State capitals…only 50 to learn! Lets start with Alaska. So when you think of Alaska what do you think? I think of it being cold. So I say “its cold in Alaska don’t Ju Know? And that reminds me that the capital of Alaska is Juneau! Of course you can think of another story line to help remember the capital…if you do let me know. Be Safe.